Heartbeat of BuySellTender

BuySellTender has been developed with the purpose to build community with an all in one market place for all your trading needs. We want consumers to get the best value for money as well as giving new and established business, small and large, an opportunity to prosper by developing a client base, built on reputation and feedback.

We understand the needs of both the consumer and the service provider, as we have experienced both ends of the market. Previously running a trade based business, ourselves, we found it difficult to compete with already established business. We wanted to even out the playing field and give both the consumer and business a “Fair Go”. So, we developed a market place with community in mind.

Community ensures everyone gets a “Fair Go”, helping those that need a hand, or a hand up. As well as providing the market place to bring community together, the BuySellTender family are committed to giving 20% of all funds raised to a local fundraiser, charity or a worthy cause. We encourage all users to use the platform with honesty and integrity, knowing our heart behind the platform, we want you to become part of our vision.

We hope your experience with the platform is positive.